The dues collected each year do not cover our expenses 100%.  This difference of between 20 and 25 thousand dollars per year is made up through the fund raising efforts of the ways and means committee.  In past years, the Elks have had a couple of really nice events so my goal was to improve on these two events and assist the people in charge .  The current large fund raising events are the yearly golf tournament in September (chair Beth Janis) and the Big Elk (Greg Kruger)  held the Saturday one week before the Super bowl.  These 2 events had tremendous success and broke all previous fund raising records.  Additional events are professional wrestling, helping with Bingo and the weekly 50/50 drawings.    The next Wrestling event has been postponed, but a new date will be available soon.  As chairman of this committee the idea is to get as much volunteer help on the day of the event as possible.  Our committee itself is lean and I know many people do not have the time nor inclination to be on one.  However, all we ask for is a few hours of your time on a particular day to assist with whatever event is being held.

In addition, we are always looking for ideas for additional fund raisers.  Our meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm.  Anyone is invited to attend.  If you have any ideas, questions, or messages for the Ways and Means Committee, please complete the form below.

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